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Changing is an individual process.
Our services are customized to support your goals
and highest well-being.


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Advanced Bodywork & Body-Mind Therapy

Body-Mind Therapy

Christina specializes in a psycho-biological approach called Neuro-Affective Relational Model, NARM, in helping people address their concerns not only through talking, but also through developing awareness of their body (what we call somatic mindfulness) in relationship to their thoughts and emotions. Somatic mindfulness practice supports building more functional self-regulation capacities, and accessing the body-mind's innate intelligence towards well-being.

The NARM approach, with the option to selectively and purposefully include mindful bodywork and movement therapy, supports understanding and connecting with our emotional lives, relationships, illnesses, injuries, shame, trauma, and personal dynamics as part of a truly holistic healing process.

Integrative Therapeutic Bodywork and Hands On Therapy

An Integrative Therapeutic Massage session begins with a collaborative assessment and treatment plan, followed by hands-on massage with customized ranges of pressure and techniques that support your health goals. Integrative bodywork is designed for restoring and maintaining a healthful balance; through manual therapy it encourages the body's own tendency to correct imbalances and to heal itself.


Integrative Therapeutic Massage utilizes layering several modalities into each session as appropriate and unique to the individual such as: swedish, deep tissue, myofascial releases, stretching, rocking, shaking, and holding points. Attention is brought to areas of concern, injuries, pain, guarding patterns, and range of motion with any number of techniques used to help restore, relax, and reduce pain to create more balance and ease.



Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT)

​​​Neuro Muscular Reprogramming (NMR)

We assist recovery from acute injury, chronic musculo-skeletal pain, scoliosis, postural alignment problems, coordination difficulties, and sports injuries. An integrated approach for complex conditions involving musculo-skeletal and neurological disorganization gets the best results. NeuroMuscular structural analysis, range of motion, and movement assessment with muscle testing (NMR) is combined with manual therapy techniques to release stress, shock & trauma, align and stabilize the spine, and retrain the brain. This enables us to achieve faster results than any modality used alone.



Movement Re-Education & Exercise Integration

At The Common Well body awareness and integrative movement are part of our re-patterning education. Often, symptoms are locked in by habitual movement patterns that keep those symptoms from resolving.

Through exercise and stretching activities we achieve movement re-education to change functional and postural patterns that contribute to repetitive stress injuries, pain patterns, and other musculoskeletal disorders. After your Somatic Re-patterning session you may be given specific suggestions to modify your home and work environments to support the changes you are making in your body.


What is Bodywork?

Bodywork can include massage as well as technical manual therapy. Bodywork techniques aim to manage stress, address and unwind trauma, instill comfort and relaxation, re-educate posture, bring awareness to your "mind-body-soul connection", and increase mobility and freedom.