Rates and Insurance

Neuromuscular Bodywork
with Christina de Cossio, CA-CMT

By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Friday 

10:30 am - 5: 30 pm

Office Locations are in Fairfax and San Rafael

Services to Address:

Prolonged pain, acute pain, history of multiple injuries, 

strain and overuse (occupational, sports), acute injuries (car accidents, falls), nerve impingement,  pre and post surgery rehabilitation, nervous system regulation, stress management

  • Structural + Movement Analysis

  • Integrative Therapeutic Massage Techniques

  • Muscle Assessment + Re-patterning (Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming)

  • Home Activities


90 minutes     $160 First Appointment Intake

75 Minutes     $140 Subsequent Appointments

Integrative Therapeutic Massage
with Lorraine Lannes, CA-CMT

by Appointment Only

Saturdays 3:30 pm - 9 pm





Services to Address:

Acute and chronic injuries and health conditions, surgery recovery, medically frail, general wellness and deep relaxation​


  • Intake and Wellness Goal Plan

  • Integrative Massage

  • Movement Assessment

  • Home Activities


60 minutes     $85

75 minutes     $105 - INTRO SPECIAL Limited Time Offer $60 
90 minutes     

120 minutes   $160


Packages Specials

15% Off Regular Rate when you purchase 3 sessions in advance.

$210 - 3 Sessions 60 minutes($70 per massage, reg. $85)

$265 - 3 Sessions 75 minutes ($88 per massage, reg $105)

$315 - 3 Sessions 90 minutes ($105 per massage, reg $125)

$405 - 3 Sessions 120 minutes ($135 per massage, reg $160)

Schedule with Individual Practitioner
Payment due in full at time of session.
48 hour cancellation policy.
Gift Certificates are transferable and non-refundable.

Rates apply to individual practitioners. Payment in full is due by the first session. 



Cash, Check and Paypal are accepted. For Paypal, please contact your practitioner directly before the day of your session so they may send you a request for payment invoice.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
​Massage treatments for pain management, injuries, illnesses, and stress related conditions are eligible for FSA pre-tax spending. CW recommends asking for a prescription from your physician. Although not always necessary for FSA approval, a prescription ensures that your treatment will be considered therapeutic and medically necessary. CW will provide receipts necessary for FSA submission.

Health Insurance
CW does not directly bill insurance. However, we will provide receipts for services to submit for third party insurance billing. Each insurance plan is different, and we encourage clients to file for reimbursement. Even if your claim is declined, each submission increases insurance industry awareness of the medical necessity and proven benefits of receiving massage therapy.