at The Well

The Common Well treats muscle pain as a whole body phenomenon, not as just an isolated incident. First we analyze posture and movement bio-mechanics in relationship to case history. Then we combine therapeutic body and mind approaches with the aim to uncover the source of and correct stress interference and soft-tissue driven dysfunction. Our bodies, histories and goals are unique to ourselves and The Common Well has two distinct therapists to best support the differences: Christina de Cossio and Lorraine Lannes.

Start where you are and from there learn to build capacity.

We care and listen to your individual case history which informs our choice of methods and pace to work in your recovery and prevention plan. Our clients are from all backgrounds and abilities. Our approach is influenced by the latest research and collaboration with psychotherapist, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, Pilates instructors and yoga therapists. 



We consider communication an important aspect of the bodywork therapy process.  At the beginning of your session we will ask you a few questions in order for us to establish what you want from our work together.  During your session we will ask you for your feedback as guideposts to ensure that the techniques we're using are lining up with what your needs are and what’s working for you. Your needs may change from moment to moment and session to session, and our intention is be present and current with how to meet you where you are at. The outcome of your bodywork experience and health goals are supported through a collaborative process.


The Common Well therapists participate in advanced continuing education seminars for bodywork and psychotherapy professionals. Distinguished by our ongoing collaborative relationships with top bodywork and movement institutions in the Bay Area, The Common Well is the source for advanced bodywork and neuromuscular massage therapy.

We can help you if relate to:

dull achy pain

rotator cuff pain

difficulty with stairs

knee pain and injuries
sports maintenance
lymphatic congestion
desire for general wellness
limited range of motion
tension headaches
overuse(occupational or sports)
acute injuries (car accident, falls)
prolonged pain
nerve impingement
history of multiple joint injuries
traumatic event(s) that has impacted your general wellness