The Common Well provides Body Mind Therapy,

advanced bodywork, therapeutic massage,

neuromuscular therapy and movement repatterning in Marin, California.

If you found yourself here,

you may be looking for change.

Therapeutic massage and movement re-patterning at the Common Well goes beyond releasing and relaxing your body in a general massage way. We address making measurable changes resulting in increased mobility, pain reduction, and improved quality of life. We explore both long and short term goals to create a customized plan so that you can feel a difference in your body and mind.

Our services and location are a special place for healing, nourishment and restoring balance to your body and life.

Who we are...

Christina de Cossio, MA, MFTA, CA-CMT specializes in advanced massage therapy methods including Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR), myofascial and deep tissue, and movement re-patterning.  Her work concentrates on injury recovery, prevention and staying active.

Lorraine Lannes, CA-CMT specializes in Integrative Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork based in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, stretching, and rocking. Her work is appropriate for individuals with acute and chronic conditions, and those seeking general wellness and deep relaxation.  

What our clients have to say....

"I have had a shoulder problem for over a year. Christina has been systematically discovering the root of the problem through her extensive knowledge of the body and how it works. She has provided therapeutic treatment to those underlying problem areas. She has also educated me on preventative measures to avoid the same recurring problems. Christina has provided amazing treatment and that has allowed me to lead the active lifestyle that I am accustomed too."




Oh my goodness - went on a 30 mile ride yesterday and this time instead of looking at distance to determine when I should stop and stretch for a moment, I waited for my body to say it was time.  So much better!!! Wow, I tell you, never in a zillion years would I have predicted me doing this! Only for you - so thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to feel "comfortable" enough to explore this new path in life's journey." 


Awesome DEEP work!

"Had just returned from a flight to Europe and needed some deep work and energy movement for the new year....Lorraine was just what I needed!!!! Very intuitive with her bodywork and skillful in getting the tense points of my mid back to release.....thank you LORRAINE! "

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